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Ammos Greek Restaurant Hyde Park

Transport your taste buds from Hyde Park to the alluring Mediterranean region of Greece.
Our talented kitchen team infuses delicious home-made recipes and authentic dishes with a dash of modern creativity. This innovative collaboration produces undeniably the best Greek food in London.

Traditional Flavours, Contemporary Cooking

Greek cuisine is renowned for its unique and bold flavours, emerging from the country’s rich culinary history of using fresh, high quality ingredients.

There are many distinct Greek flavours and dishes you can expect to find in our restaurant, with a diverse range to appease any customer.

Our olive oil, imported directly from Greece is a staple ingredient, with the rich flavour present in many of our dishes.

Garlic is used liberally, adding depth and complexity to many elements such as marinades, sauces and dips.

Herbs including oregano, thyme, rosemary and mint to name a few are prominent in Greek cuisine, adding fragrant and earthy notes.

It would not be a Greek menu without the presence of the favoured feta cheese, imported directly from Greece as a PDO certified product. Used in a variety of dishes from salads to pastries, this versatile cheese adds a tangy, salty flavour, paired beautifully with Mediterranean olives and tomatoes.

Traditional Greek yoghurt is a popular accompaniment to starters, mains and desserts alike.

The desired meat of choice for Greeks is often Lamb, appearing in most of the globally appreciated dishes such as lamb skewers, souvlaki and kleftiko. As a country surrounded by ocean, seafood also plays a significant role in Greek cuisine, which is why our menu includes fresh octopus, calamari, prawns, oysters and delicious grilled fish.

Aromatic Drinks

Our wine cellar offers an interesting insight into the luscious beverages produced from the Greek region. Ammo’s wine selection will confidently impress the wine connoisseurs.

Private Dining

Ammos Restaurant is ideally located in Central London, near to Hyde Park, a prime spot for private bookings. We offer a private room for hire to cater for larger groups in need of Greek delicacies in Paddington.

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Our menu brings the bold, fresh and complex flavours of Greece to London, presenting a memorable culinary delight that will convince you that you’re in the Mediterranean and not in a restaurant next to Hyde Park. Contact us today to enquire about bookings.

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